Enjoy Your Smart Garden

Ambrogio Robot

Ambrogio robot is the automatic lawn mower that takes care of the lawn completely on its own and in complete safety.
On the market for 18 years, Ambrogio is the ideal robotic lawn mower for those looking for professionalism, technological innovation, excellence, combined with respect for the environment.

Our Ambrogio robot lawnmowers are the perfect ally to manage any type of garden every day: from small residential gardens, simple and complex, up to large gardens. The mulching function allows sustaining a healthy and lush lawn that requires less fertiliser. At Ambrogio Robot we have a large range with each model having a variety of different smart features tailoring it for a different style lawn environment.


Class leading technology and high quality components are used in Ambrogio allow you to choose when and how to activate the robot during the day, so that the garden is free of obstacles whenever necessary.


The introduction of the brand-new ZCS smart technologies allow you to connect securely to your Ambrogio robot. In the digital era, the robotic lawn mower speaks the language of the future by making life simpler: Ambrogio robot gives you the time and freedom to enjoy your garden and outdoor life to the fullest, even away from home.


If you need help understanding which model may be most appropriate for your lawn you can get in touch with us direct, or speak to your nearest specialist dealer.