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Know Your Lawn Size – Lawn Size Calculator

Knowing how much grass you’ve got to mow is key to finding out which Ambrogio robotic lawnmowers may be suitable for you garden. Use our lawn size calculator to find out your lawn area and perimeter length.

Working it out couldn’t be any easier:

  1. Enter your postcode or address in the tool below and press ‘Show Location’.
  2. Drag the map to centre your garden & zoom in on your lawn area.
  3. Click around the edge of your lawn to map it out.

Lawn area, perimeter length and recommended models are displayed below the map.  

Remember you only need to measure your lawn, borders, ponds, patios etc can all be excluded.

Note: This tool is only a guide to help you establish what model or installation kit you may need for your lawn. Other factors like slopes and layout may also affect which model is most suitable. For more information take a look at the full model range, get in touch or talk to your local Ambrogio dealer.

EXAMPLE: Tower Of London

Tower of London lawn area example
EXAMPLE: Tower of London