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Whether you have an Ambrogio Robot or are looking to get one, here are the most frequently asked questions.

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How does Ambrogio Robot work?

Ambrogio Robot cuts grass autonomously and automatically. It does not require your help or assistance. Every day, Ambrogio Robot cuts a few millimetres of grass and leaves the clippings on the ground, fertilising your lawn in a natural way. Ambrogio Robot works according to programmed work intervals and alternates cutting cycles with recharging.

Which model is right for me?

Each Ambrogio mower has different benefits and features. However the biggest thing to consider is the maximum lawn capacity for each. If you don't know your lawn size, it is easy to measure. We have a great tool to help you.

Click here to start measuring your lawn.

How do I measure my lawn?

We've got a online tool that means you can measure your lawn. Click here to start measuring your lawn.

Can Ambrogio Robot recharge itself?

Yes. Ambrogio mowers give a warning when the batteries need to be recharged. All models (apart from the L60) automatically return to their charging base when they detect their batteries are running low.

Do I need to collect the grass after my Ambrogio has mown?

No. It is not necessary to collect or dispose of grass clippings. Every day, the mower cuts a few millimetres of grass. The clippings are left on the ground and act as a natural fertiliser for your lawn.

How is an Ambrogio lawn mower installed?

Ambrogio Robot works in an area marked by a boundary wire positioned around the edge of your garden. The wire is attached to the ground using plastic fixing nails, or it can be buried. The beginning and the end of the wire are connected to the recharging base, which is connected to a power outlet.

The L60 is different. This unique mower doesn't require any installation. Three different types of sensor automatically visualise you lawn so all you have to do is place it on a lawn and press go. Find out more about the L60 Deluxe here.

Can Ambrogio Robot work in all weather conditions?

Yes. Ambrogio Robot is designed to work at an ambient temperature from -10 to + 50°C, a range that is much wider than the growth rate of grass.

Most of our mowers do have rain sensors built in so can be set not to mow in the rain, however due to being lighter than a traditional mower and cutting minuscule amounts each time, it it not a problem generally to mow in the wet.

Can Ambrogio Robot work in the rain?

Yes. Ambrogio Robot can cut while it is raining, however all fully autonomous Ambrogio models are fitted with rain sensors and we recommend activating these. When rain is detected your Ambrogio Robot will return to the recharging base and will wait for the next work cycle. Please see the section in the operating manual entitled “Settings - Programming mode".

Due to the regular cutting and small amount of grass being removed, cutting in the rain is fine to do. However you may find, depending on your lawn conditions, that it is better to have to robot pause itself and only go out again when it's dry. There is no need to worry about the robots in the wet though, all our robots are protected weatherproof.

Can Ambrogio Robot recognise benches, deckchairs or other objects on the grass?

Yes, provided that these objects are over 10cm high. Ambrogio robots will approach and gently touch an obstacle in order to cut the grass around it. Our robots will then proceed to cut in a different direction.

How much electricity do Ambrogio robotic mowers consume?

The monthly consumption of an Ambrogio mower is considerably less than the fuel consumption required to use a petrol-driven lawn mower. For a medium sized lawn, the electricity costs of Ambrogio are between £1 to £2 per month!

Which installation kit do I need?

If you're opting for self installation, we offer three different sizes of installation kit. Click here to measure your lawn perimeter.

What's the largest lawn an Ambrogio can mow?

A single robotic lawnmower can mow and maintain an area up to 20,000m2 - that's 5 acres! Ambrogio mowers can also work as a team to increase the area further. On very large lawns it may be better to work two or more smaller models to manage a large complex area.

Two or more robots can operate next to each other by installing parallel wire installations and having different wire signals for each so they do not interfere with each other. Alternatively with Infinity, multiple Ambrogio models (see specification for compatibility) will share their GPS mowing data between each other knowing where each has mown and together as a team efficiently maintain even larger areas.

Does it have to be professionally installed?

Ambrogio robot mowers can be installed by yourself or by a dealer. For more information on how to install an Ambrogio mower check the user manual available on the product information pages. Visit Where To Buy to find your local dealer who can install an Ambrogio mower in your garden. Some dealers are listed as Mobile/Roaming, while these dealers may be a further away from you they do not have a shop and only sell robotic mowing solutions so are often willing to travel a little further.

Are they expensive to run?

No. To maintain a medium sized lawn an Ambrogio robot mower will use around £1-£2 per month in electricity to keep itself charged. This is significantly less than the fuel costs of a petrol lawnmower to maintain the same area.

How environmentally friendly are Ambrogio robot mowers?

Our robots are designed to be as green as they can be. Mulching returns nutrients and moisture to the turf to reduce the need for additional water and fertiliser.

How can I find someone to install an Ambrogio mower?

We have a range of specialist dealers who are trained to install Ambrogio robot lawnmowers. Visit Where To Buy to find your local dealer. Some dealers are listed as Mobile/Roaming, while these dealers may be a further away from you they do not have a shop and only sell robotic mowing solutions so are often willing to travel a little further.

How do I find the right model for my lawn?

We understand that identifying the right model robotic mower for your lawn can be daunting. The first step in knowing where to start looking for a new robot mower is to know your lawn size. If you're not sure how big your lawn is, you can measure it here (using satellite imagery).

Look for a model that has a capacity of at least your lawn size. If you have multiple lawn areas or complex areas to navigate, allow a little extra capacity to give the robot time to travel into and around these areas.

Other factors to consider are the amount of free lawn time you'd like, the complexity of the lawn, if it's sloping or undulating, the size of the robot compared to the size of your lawn; nobody wants a massive mower parked in the corner of small lawn.

Wanting some more advice. If you want to talk through your requirements with someone, why not contact us direct or talk to your local dealer.

What if my lawn is bigger than the capacity of any one Ambrogio model?

Many of our models feature the ability to share GPS data and work together as a team. Depending on the layout, this can be jointly working within one perimeter boundary wire, or operating on adjacent installations with an overlapping mowing area.

Teamworking multiple robots significantly increases the areas that can be maintained autonomously, or reduce the time taken to mow an area where access is limited; ideal for sports pitches etc.

How should I clean my robot?

We recommend using a soft dry brush to remove dirt and debris.

Do not wash with a hose or power washer, as this could permanently damage your robot.

What warranty does my robot have?

Our Ambrogio Robots come with varying durations of warranty.

The 4.0/4.36 Elite's come with a 6-year warranty (T's & C's Apply) - Documentation on Warranty can be found in the Warranty Booklet

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